On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

…we made a thankful/wish list. If you know me very well, you know I’m not super into Christmas lists. I just feel that it takes away from the concept of a gift when you hand someone a written request for what you’d like them to buy you. I think it’s really changed what Christmas giving was originally about. It makes our minds focus on what we want rather than on what we can thoughtfully give others. It leads us to getting what we want and not having to put much thought into our giving. Don’t get me wrong, I realize you still have to spend your hard-earned money on something therefore still landing it into the gift category, but I’m just saying it doesn’t quite feel right to me. However, that being said, I’ve still obliged when people begged me for a list or asked for my requests. I know not everyone feels the same way I do. I try to respect that. When it comes to my kids, I typically just buy them what I think they’d like and what I can tolerate in my house. :) Am I starting to sound like Scrooge? I promise, it’s still fun for them! Because I do want to hear what their little hearts desire, I have this activity on the Advent calendar. I ask them to list what they are thankful for and then tell me five things they wish they had.
IMG_2305 IMG_2310

Interesting, eh?

Day 6: Make Glitter snowflakes with Mommy! Really, I’ve been wanting to try this, so why not enlist in their help? I made the hot glue snowflake shape before having them join in the fun. The boys were in charge of covering the flake in mod podge and sprinkling glitter all over it. I wanted to do white snowflakes but the glitter I bought didn’t look right once we got it on there, so we washed it off and went with gold. I think they turned out great! They’d be pretty to make in all different colors.



I love the glitter in his hair. He had it everywhere!



Batman’s turn. Yes, to my dismay, these are his favorite pajamas.







Day 7: Make s’mores. David built a fire and Mr. Aaron joined in the fun.


Day 8: Watch a Christmas movie. I planned this because I knew I’d be baking the entire day with my friend Tabitha. I made lots of cookies and movie night went much smoother this time. :) No picture, sorry.

Day 9: Family shopping. We all went out together to buy something for the other members. Parker did great with the concept this year. He was excited to search and pick out something for each of us without needing anything for himself. Graham? The first ten minutes we split up was melt-down mode. He was so panicked that everyone but himself would get something. See? We are so dang selfish by nature! After he chilled and I convinced him Parker didn’t need a vacuum or floor lamp, he did a great job picking out something for the rest of us. When we switched kids, Graham apparently relapsed into me-mode. David was over the experience by check-out. I think it’s good for everyone. :) I don’t have any pictures of Parker because he was with his Daddy most of the time.

He felt Daddy needed this hat. I swayed him otherwise.


He was my “taper” this year. Sorry, people, I don’t have time for pretty packaging this year. I was sad to let it go, but hopefully it’ll be back next year!


Helping Daddy wrap what he picked out for Mommy.


The boy loves him some tape.


Day 10: Make homemade hot chocolate. December 10th is my Mom and my sister-in-law’s birthday. We had our WV family over for a pancake dinner to celebrate Sarah’s birthday and hot chocolate just seemed to go. I have a recipe for crock-pot hot chocolate and it’s awfully good. :) It’s bad for you, but so worth a cup…or two. Here’s the link to that badness. Who thinks I need a new prettier kitchen stool? Haha.



Getting his stir on. This boy loves to be in the kitchen. I’m thankful.


Day 11: Unwrap a new book to read. Parker got Rudolph and Grammy got the story of Jesus’ birth. The golden books have a great version.



And that brings us to today. 12-12-12. What a fun little date. The only thing missing so far in this Christmasy season is snow. I don’t want warm weather. I want snow. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll still come for Christmas! Fingers crossed.

5 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

  1. So fun! Wish we lived closer to celebrate together. Love the snowflakes. We took e to the Dollar Tree to shop… people got some good stuff coming their way :) Love the mentality on letting things go.. (like the gift wrap) life is so much happier when we can just dive into the things we really love and feel like will add to the celebration (preaching to myself here :) Can’t wait to get to see y’all!!!

    • Agreed! I’m learning the balance of letting go and striving. I want to push myself without creating unrealistic expectations. Excited to see you too!!!! Remember that whole “let things go” when you stay in a completely empty guest room, aight? Haha! At least it has a fresh coat of paint and a bed now!

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